Maestro for iOS and Android (progress update)

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Coming soon to an iOS device near you!

For the time being, we have decided to focus on iOS development, so our first iOS app will be Maestro Flash Cards for iOS (universal).

Design is complete and development is on track to reach code complete this Summer 2014.

We will revisit the prospect of an Android version later in the future, but for now we have no immediate plans to work on it until we find an Android developer.


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Why do you implement the iOS Version before the Android-Version? The market share of Android devices, especially in the education domain, seems to be more important and could produce a bigger Distribution for your great app.

Thanks for your feedback Hps. To maximize our resource utilization we will work on iOS first, and then on the Android version right after it.

The iOS version is very near to reach code-complete, so we are really excited about the work after it for other platforms, and translation to other languages.


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