Maestro for Android and iOS, dev kickoff


Call me ambitious, even crazy, but just for fun I’ve decided to embark on building Maestro for iOS and Android in parallel.

I will be posting sneak previous and occasional rants, and even about beta testing opportunities if you live in the St. Louis area.

So for now, I am starting with a clean slate on both platforms, PC and Mac side by side ready to go!

Quick Background

I am not starting from blind scratch, I’ve actually just finished an introductory Android class at CAIT where I also happen to teach extension courses a couple of times a year. But I wanted more, so I am also taking the Coursera Android signature track.

On the iOS front, I’ve been doing some side work (though nothing published yet), and am also facilitating a Study Group at work using the free Stanford iTunes U class materials.

Here we go!

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