downloaded maestro flash card app, trial version first but could not use my keyboard to select letters for notes. Then I thought it was because it was a trial version, so I paid for it, but guess what, still cannot use keyboard letters. I can see the answer, but can’t get right or wrong or gain any speed by memorizing… Wish there was some way to use this program… help files doesn’t say anything about how to select keyboard or if one just taps correct letter for note, or if a letter and finger number is required…. HELP!

Thanks for buying Maestro Mike, and I am sorry you are having difficulties.

When you see a Flash Card on the screen, the interactions available are:
1) Tap with your finger (if you have a touch screen) or click with your mouse on the flash card to reveal the answer
2) Tap or click over RIGHT or WRONG to keep account of how many you get right or wrong.
3) Swipe the cards left or right with your finger or mouse to move to the next flash card.

This mode of learning is what we call the “no frills” mode, it’s just the learner and his/her memory keeping tab of their progress manually.

We will be introducing a “quiz” mode this summer which will give you multiple choices to select fr and based on that calculate automatically if you are right or wrong.

If you have any more ideas or feedback, please reply here or email us at

Alejandro Ramirez


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