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Much needed updates for Maestro Flash Cards

A new set of features are coming soon, based on feedback and reviews written in the app stores, plus a couple of bug fixes and required changes to be Windows 8.1 – compliant, and Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10 compatible.

Here’s a summary of what we are working on:

New Features

  • Quiz Mode
  • Ability to hide known Flash Cards
  • Unification of Windows Store App and Windows Phone App

Windows Store App – specific features

  • Keyboard support for users without touch screen (in some app modes)
  • Storing preferences and learning progress in device

Windows Phone App – specific features

  • Spanish translation

Expected Release Timeline

  • Windows Store App – March 2015
  • Windows Phone App – April 2015


What about iOS and Android?

People keep asking about these other platforms, and development for iOS and Android is expected to resume planning after the Windows and Windows Phone updates go live, so expect some news in Q2 2015, and potential releases in Q3 and Q4 this year, plus some other big news for the Maestro platform.



Maestro for iOS and Android (progress update)

Coming soon to an iOS device near you!

For the time being, we have decided to focus on iOS development, so our first iOS app will be Maestro Flash Cards for iOS (universal).

Design is complete and development is on track to reach code complete this Summer 2014.

We will revisit the prospect of an Android version later in the future, but for now we have no immediate plans to work on it until we find an Android developer.


Maestro for Android and iOS, dev kickoff

Call me ambitious, even crazy, but just for fun I’ve decided to embark on building Maestro for iOS and Android in parallel.

I will be posting sneak previous and occasional rants, and even about beta testing opportunities if you live in the St. Louis area.

So for now, I am starting with a clean slate on both platforms, PC and Mac side by side ready to go!

Quick Background

I am not starting from blind scratch, I’ve actually just finished an introductory Android class at CAIT where I also happen to teach extension courses a couple of times a year. But I wanted more, so I am also taking the Coursera Android signature track.

On the iOS front, I’ve been doing some side work (though nothing published yet), and am also facilitating a Study Group at work using the free Stanford iTunes U class materials.

Here we go!