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This upcoming update has bug fixes, and introduces a full translation to Spanish.

To use the application in Spanish:

1) If your Windows 8 language is already Spanish you don’t have to do anything.

2) If your Windows 8 language is anything other than Spanish, you will have to add Spanish to your language list, set it to your default language, logout and log back in. This will change your whole Windows 8 UI to Spanish.


Esta nueva versión arregla un par de problemitas e introduce la traducción a Español.

Para utilizar la aplicación en Español:

1) Si estás utilizando Windows 8 en Español, no tienes que hacer nada.

2) Si estás utilizando cualquier otro lenguage, tendrás que agregar Español a tu lista de lenguages en Windows 8, escoger Español como el idioma predeterminado, cerrar tu sesión actual y entrar de nuevo a Windows 8.

Introducing: Maestro Flash Cards

Our first app “Maestro Flash Cards” is now available for download in the Windows Store and it runs on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices (Tablets, Laptops, Hybrids, All-In-Ones, and Desktop PCs).

Maestro App Store Shot

The app offers an elegant and fun approach to learning music notes and music notation that resembles real Flash Cards.

We’d love to hear what you think, so please let us know.

Download from Windows Store